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All Christmas Movies—All The Time—24/7

If you are like me and wait on the edge of your seat each year for Hallmark to begin airing their Christmas movies, then this news will more than make you happy.  A new channel, called True Christmas, boasts that it will show Christmas movies all the time, literally 24/7.

In an earlier post, we told of how studies show that those who get into the Christmas spirit early, tend to be happier people.  Well, now you can add not only decorating to your list but also the enjoyment of Christmas themed movies as well.

According to Entertainment Focus, True Christmas is:

“a dedicated Christmas movie channel that will air back-to-back Christmas films from mid-October up until the beginning of January.  There will be a mix of classic and newer movies airing daily, seven days a week.”

Image: Kent Live

A few of the movies that the channel has confirmed and that you can expect to see are—The Santa Clause, A Christmas Carol, Jingle All The Way, The Nightmare Before Christmas, A Christmas Story, Polar Express, and Elf.  A few other ones include…

The March Sisters At Christmas

In an effort to prevent their family home from being sold, the March Sisters roll up their sleeves and dive into some of their own DIY.  However, as does often happen, they suffer from various distractions, including an old flame, the boy next door, and a new acquaintance.

Christmas Oranges

This movie features the story of Rose, an orphan who, through the teaching of those around her, imparts the true meanings of both hope and friendship.

Wish For Christmas

Finding out that she won’t be able to attend her towns Winter Dance on Christmas Eve, almost devastates a high school senior.  In frustration, she wishes her parents away.  However, she has no idea the consequences this act will have on both her family and the community around her.

Image: The Sun

As you can see, if you love the holiday season, and everything about it, then you are sure to love this new channel.  So pop some popcorn, get your favorite snuggly blanket, and curl up on the couch.  Its gonna be a great holiday season.