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Adulting 101—Essential Survival Skills

It is no secret that it is a big ol scary world out there—and it is getting bigger and scarier more and more every day.  That is why is it imperative that all young adults are prepared and know the most basic of real-world survival skills.

Many feel that you are to be considered an adult when you graduate from high school—others when you move out on your own and provide for yourself.  Although most will agree that the obtaining of adulthood can not have a specific age put to it, many will at the same time acknowledge that adulthood is something that all high-schoolers need to take seriously and prepare for.

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One high school, Fern Creek High in Louisville, KY, is determined to make sure that their graduates are prepared for anything that adulthood, and life, throws at them.  How are these achieving this you may ask?  With the offering of a crash course in adulting, which they are titling “Adulthood 101.”  The course description is straightforward and to the point—everything you need to know as an adult.

The use of the term “adulting” has been prevalent in both the media and mainstream media lately.  Since the word already has massive gravitas, as well as the meaning pretty much understood, Sara Wilson-Abell, a College Access Resource teacher, says she “just kind of took that and ran with it.”

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The course is short and informative, as senior students receive three full days of learning those real-life skills that will aid them in their journey through adulthood.  Included are how-tos encompassing basic household chores such a laundry, along with the more essential things such as how to set and maintain a budget and how to plan on their retirement.

Also included in the curriculum are lectures by bankers brought in by the school, in an attempt to teach the students the ins and outs of navigating applying for loans.  There were also lectures by agents from State Farm to educate on the always complicated topic of insurance.