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“24” Getting a Remake…in Japan

One of the biggest hits of a TV series on the Fox Network was “24,” a thriller series which found agent Jack Bauer trying to stop terrorist threats in real-time, each season consisting of 24 episodes, telling a story over the course of 24 hours. Developed by Joel Surnow and Robert Cochran, it became an engrossing series for stressing the tense climate of the post-9/11 America, since its debut in 2001. There have been attempts over the past few years to return to the series, either by bringing back Bauer or passing the torch. But you may be surprised by the next direction of the franchise.

According to Livedoor, Japanese television network TV Asahi will be creating a Japanese remake of “24.”  Why? As it turns out, “24” is a very popular show in Japan, to the point that commercials were crafted parodying the show’s format of the ticking clock. We can naturally assume that show won’t continue on the legacy of Jack Bauer and weave in a different story more suited to the Japanese political landscape with different characters and plots of terrorism. It’s a very interesting development considering most international television remakes occur between North America and a Europe, as seen with “The Office” and “Law & Order.” Still, this isn’t the first time Japan has remade American television properties, as with their take on the animated show “The Powerpuff Girls” they remolded as “Powerpuff Girls Z.”

If you’re up on your Japanese television, you can expect to see the Japanese “24” series broadcast sometime in 2020.