Woman Dies Saving Dog From Alligator

While walking her dog in Sea Pines on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina, a 45-year-old woman was reportedly attacked and killed by an alligator.  The woman was said to walk her dog often around a lagoon near a golf course across the street from her vacation home.

Upon walking her dog Monday, reports say she was quickly grabbed by the alligator and dragged into the water of the lagoon.  It is being reported that the woman died protecting her beloved border collie from the alligator.

Image: GolfWeek

Having later been identified as Cassandra Cline, neighbors said she was a nice and kind individual.

Thomas Dimaio, who lives across the street from the area of the attack, stated he heard shrieks while he was showering, but just put it off to being a bird.  About a half hour later he proceeded outside where he saw a crowd had gathered on the side of the road.   There he saw a bag of dog treats, one of Cline’s shoes, and her hat laying out a trail up to the water’s edge.

DiMaio stated:

“It’s really sad.  She didn’t have any children.  The dog was her child, I guess.”

Image: Sentinel-Echo

The eight-foot-long alligator that killed Cline was found later and then killed, according to a spokesman for the South Caroline Department of Natural Resources.

A witness stated that Cline was walking her dog near the lagoon, and the alligator proceeded out of the water and after the dog.  As Cline was trying to protect and rescue her dog, a maintenance worker arrived and tried to aid in the rescue.  It was then that the alligator grabbed Cline instead and pulled her into the water.  The dog was, in the end, unharmed.

Image: WXXV

The residents of the Hilton Head community stated that alligators were a very common site, especially around the lagoons and water hazards along most of the local golf courses.