5 Best Cities for BBQ in America

One of the most iconic foods in America is barbeque. There are many amazing places to find barbeque in the country and the great thing is each place tends to make or prepare the dish just a little bit different. So there is a plethora of great barbeque options, one simply needs to know where to go.

1. Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis is a mecca for pork barbeque, from slow smoked shoulders to pork ribs any style. Nestled just outside the Smokey Mountains, it’s also the home of the World Championship Barbeque Cooking Contest. Here, the art of pork barbeque is passed down from generation through generation.

2. Austin, Texas

Deep in the heart of Texas, there is a barbeque movement like no other. Barbeque is practically a religion here, and you will find yourself willing to drive hours and hours or stand in long lines for the amazing taste of these smoked briskets when in reality you probably just need to walk up to the counter of a local joint and you’re good to go.

3. Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City may not be the first place you think of for barbeque but the dry rub is legendary. Whether you are looking for juicy chicken or blackened ribs, there is a barbeque joint somewhere for you in this city.

4. Lexington, North Carolina

With Lexington being the self-titled barbeque capital of the world, and quite possibly the birth of the barbeque movement itself, it’s no surprise that this is the place to find the best pork shoulder. This is where to find the one of a kind smoky pork any style with homemade slaw.

5. Owensboro, Kentucky

Owensboro is the home of mutton, the pairing of a sweet smoky flavor and fresh lamb. It’s a regional delicacy that dates back to before the Civil War and attracts people from around the globe. Another great addition is the variety of sauces to but a new spin on the flavors.