16 Nurses Pregnant Together at Arizona Hospital


Talk about a baby boom! One hospital in Arizona is making headlines for having a record number of nurses all in the same four-month period. All in all, sixteen different women, all nurses at Banner Desert Medical Center in Mesa, Arizona are in various stages of pregnancy. All of the births are expected to take place between September 2018 and February 2019.

According to the women, the fact that they are all pregnant at the same time is a complete coincidence, and not the result of any sort of pregnancy pact or plan. “I don’t think we realized just how many of us were pregnant until we started a Facebook group,” said Nurse Rochelle Sherman.

A group of floating nurses, people who are not contracted to just one hospital or job and can travel around to work, have been contacted and are expected to help the hospital cover the nurse’s shifts during their twelve-week maternity leave after giving birth.

At a press conference, the hospital presented all of the nurses with identical white onesies with the phrase “Relax. . . my mom is a Banner nurse!” Although all the nurses work in the same hospital, they are split up between three different critical care units. As a result, many non-pregnant nurses are looking after the patients whose illnesses or treatments can negatively affect pregnant women and their unborn children. These patients are receiving radiation treatments for chemotherapy, have shingles or tuberculosis.

The hospital is even adapting to accommodate the expecting mothers. The women frequent meet up in the cafeteria, where they have discussed with other staff about adding foods to help with pregnancy cravings during work shifts. The staff has since added olives and pickles, which are more “pregnancy friendly” foods. While the hospital has been aware of the situation for months, the patients at the hospital are beginning to take notice of the women, hence the attention for the rest of the world as well.